You Won’t Believe How Much The Newest Japanese Food Craze Costs

Yes, Grapes, the same grapes you can find for roughly $3-$5 per pound are now all the rage in Japan, but it’s not just any grapes, no.

Leave it up to the high-tech savvy Japan to engineer an entirely new brand of grapes called Ruby roman grapes, and like anything that’s in a state of constant demand without much supply – prices of Ruby roman grapes have been (not so) slowly spiraling out of control.

The relatively new brand was first introduced to the open market in 2008, following 14 years of meticulous research and development that helped genetically modify the grape’s sweetness and lower their acidity, since they’re only grown in a very certain location – Japan’s western shores they’ve got quite the limited yearly growth period, which only further aids their rarity.

When Ruby Romans first hit the market their price hovered around $900 per bunch, which is already more than most people would pay for any meal, let alone grapes.

But reputation and rarity combined to cause prices to soar even further, up to its current level of $8,200 per bunch.

The bunch that fetched that price contained 26 grapes, which would work out to an eye-popping $315 per grape!

Personally, we think that once they’re turned into wine they all taste the same, but we’re not the experts!