The 7 Top-Selling Luxury Car Brands In China

Car consumption in China is at an all-time high and luxury cars are no strangers to the Asian market. Take a peek below for the top upscale brands that are making the rounds in China. 


China is the second largest manufacturer for Porsche, just behind the US. The average sales of Porsche in China are around two thousand cars a month and figures are still rising.

Mercedez Benz

Mercedes Benz is slated for major growth in China, negotiating the opening of 75 dealerships in 36 cities.  


Last year, Lexus recorded sales of 64 thousand cars in China which made up 7.6% of the total sales by Toyota in China.


Lamborghini has forecasted a sales growth of between 20-30% in the upcoming seven years. In 2010, it registered a 150% increase in sales and in 2011 sales edged 70% higher.


The only American automobile manufacturer to make it to this list.


Although BMW is not expecting fledgling growth in China this year, it is still a hot item amongst car buying aficionados.


Audi is by far the most preferred high-end vehicle in the country.